The Secret of Manifestation Reveals the Secrets of Manifestation

 The Secret of Manifestation is all about delving deep into what manifestation is and revealing its hidden secrets.

What does manifestation mean?

As per

It is the act of manifesting, the state of being manifested, or something, such as a person, a divine being, or an idea being revealed in one form or another.

Most people say that the law of manifestation is that we as a person manifest our life experiences from our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

Is this true?

How can it be?

If we existed and manifested experiences before we were a person, and still continue to manifest different experiences long after the person has experienced death, then there must be something else that is driving and determining what we as a person is experiencing as life experiences.

Moreover, that something must also be manifesting the person and its beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

I have come to a conclusion about the secret of manifestation is that if we wish to manifest and experience all that we desire, then it is the hidden something that we must focus on the most, and not our actual beliefs, thoughts and emotions, as they appear to be the manifested and not the manifester of our life experiences.

That hidden something is our soul and oneness aspects of ourselves, it is our consciousness and if we can tap into our hidden consciousness, our soul blue print and transform it, we will experience a life of happiness, health, wealth and abundance in all areas of our lives.

Let me explain one important fundamental aspect of ‘The Secret of Manifestation’

There are two aspects of you… is the Oneness you, which is the real you, it is consciousness, the spirit you, that exists and  always will exist.

The persona has a personality construct that has a conscious and subconscious mind which consist of beliefs, thoughts and emotions, whereby the persona acts out and react to physical experiences with.

The persona, personality illusionary three-dimensional holographic projection, that has been manifested from the information within the soul’s blueprint.

The Oneness you; the real you, is the soul, and the soul has a higher mind and it is the higher mind that we have to manifest from if we wish to live a life of abundance in all areas of our lives, and not the persona’s personality constructs, beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

“The Higher Mind conceives the life experiences and the personality construct perceives and gives meaning to the manifested life experiences via its beliefs, thoughts and emotion”

However, this is not the case for most people.

In most cases, the persona and its personality construct has control over the soul and it is the one that conceive and perceive the soul’s life experiences.

This type of manifestation system is called, the separate manifestation system, and the separate manifestation system is a very limited and a low vibratory system, whereby the soul and higher mind is an observer only.

When we manifest with this type of manifestation system, all our focus is on circumstances, outcomes, and life experiences; it is always on the outer world.

Therefore, it is the life experiences and the reaction to it by the personality construct that determines our soul’s state of being, dictating to us how we feel about ourselves and our world.

Furthermore, it is the state of being that determines the vibration of our souls, which yet again determines our future life experiences.

The other type of manifestation system is the holistic manifestation system, whereby the higher mind is conceiving the manifestation, and the personality construct perceives the experience, and takes action when necessary to do so; it is unlimited and a high vibratory system.

When we manifest with the holistic manifestation system, all our focus is on our state of being, our soul and our inner world, as we understand that it is the inner world that manifests the outer world.

It is still the state of being that is manifesting the persona, personality construct and its life experiences, but it is of a high positive vibratory nature and not a low negative vibratory nature.

When we manifest from the higher mind and soul we are connected to ‘all that is’ the Oneness field of infinite potential of creations, whereas the separate manifestation is locked into the limited blueprint of the soul repeating the same patterns and life experiences over and over again.

To move from a low vibratory separate manifestation system, to a high vibratory holistic manifestation system, we have to raise the vibration of our soul, whereby our soul is in a vibratory match to what we desire to manifest.

As a soul can only select and experience, experiences that are a vibratory match to its own vibration.

This is the secret of the law of attraction that is the golden rule of manifestation and this is what ‘The Secret of Manifestation website is all about.

To share information on the secret of manifestation and on how to raise the vibration of the soul, whereby it can reconnect to its higher mind and higher Oneness aspects of itself, thus becoming the high vibratory holistic manifestation system and experience life experiences of health, wealth and abundance in all areas of the persona’s life.

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