How to Live From The Heart



The heart is the place where we must move our focus to. It is the place of the soul; it is the seat of the soul which is known as the space within space.

It is the most sacred part of us that is attached to Oneness, where all things are connected and all thought resides. It is the house of the divine spark where from it connects to oneness and processes all thoughts from oneness and our own personal energy field. It is through the heart and the divine spark that we has souls connect with our divine self within the pineal gland of the brain, the third eye and when focused on we connect to the higher mind.

The heart’s magnetic field is larger and hundreds of times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field.  When we create our reality from the heart we align ourselves with oneness, our true state of being. However, when we ignore the heart and move the focus to the brain and mind, we entrap ourselves within the ego and create our reality from the ego which is a very limited aspect of who we are, therefore we create limited experiences.

To awaken to our true self, is to move from the mind to the heart, to feel and express compassion, appreciation and love for all things created, without judgement. Judgement can only exist in the brain and mind; it cannot and never will exist within the heart.

Spiritual heartWhen we love and fill our heart with compassion and appreciation for all things, our world overflows with the vibration of love, compassion and appreciation, thus affecting all things that we perceive and experience. And because our outer world is a mirror, the love, compassion and appreciation is manifested as future life experiences of the same vibration, as what you put out you get back.

The idea is not to run away from our negative emotions, it is to turn around and run into them, to dive deep into them and feel them as intense as we can at the core of our being, then let them go with love.

The purging process is one way to accomplish moving from the ego mind to the heart and be in alignment with your higher mind and higher aspects of you, thus creating your reality from the higher mind and not the limited mind of the ego.

You will hear that there are many different paths to awakening back to who you really are and that is true, but all paths must lead to and pass through the heart, if not, you cannot awaken.

Below is a video by Teal called “How to live from the Heart” I strongly suggest that you watch it now, learn from it and apply the information that she gives to you.

As at this present moment in time and in the future, if you do not live from the heart, you will find yourself in more and more pain and suffering. This will occur due to the fact that the world vibrational frequency is rising more and more each day and if you are not in alignment with that frequency and resist the change, you will create friction and chaos in your life.


About the Author:  My name is Paul Birnie, and I am the creator of ‘The Secret of Manifestation”.  I appreciate that you have taken the time to read this article. Please feel free to share this article, as The Secret of Manifestation is dedicated to sharing information on spiritual awakening subjects. I am also the creator of the Oneness Pendant and writer of the book “The Secret of Manifestation’ that can be purchased at

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