A Simple Seven Minute Process to Raise Your Vibration & Energize Your Body.


If you have epilepsy or any similar neurological disorder, do not roll your eyes back, do everything else in the process.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably on a chair in a peaceful and relaxed environment where you cannot be disturbed by anyone or anything during the process.

Close your eyes and roll them back as if you are trying to look at the front of your brain inside your head.

Only roll your eyes back until you feel your eyelids fluttering, do not strain them by rolling them too far back – The eyes fluttering is called REM, or rapid eye movement, this signifies that you have gone into a relaxed state that is due to your brain wave dropping in frequency. You might also feel a sensation of your eyeballs moving from side to side.

Once you have achieved REM and you feel your eyes fluttering, touch the tip of your tongue to the palate of your mouth and hold this position for the backward count of sixty to one. After you reach one, relax your eyes whilst keeping them closed and feel what your body feels like, you should feel much calmer and relaxed than you did before. You are now ready to carry on with the rest of the process, as you are now in an altered state of awareness.

Note Added: A good way to practice the eyes up process is to stand facing a wall, making sure that you stand about 2 meters away from the wall. Look straight at the wall and pick a point on the wall that is in alignment with your eye level and focus on it. Then, keeping your head perfectly still, look upwards until you focus your eyes on the top of the wall where it meets the roof. Hold this position for the count of ten, and then close your eyes whilst keeping them in the same position. As soon as you close your eyes you will see them fluttering and you will have achieved the eyes up process.

Now turn your attention to your heart area and visualize a tiny spark glowing in your heart, know that this tiny spark is very deep within you. With your imagination visualize the spark getting brighter and brighter and as it gets brighter see it illuminate your heart, until your heart is glowing as bright as it can be.

Once you have your heart glowing as bright as you can, expand the light throughout your whole body until your body is no longer physical and is just pure light. Hold that visualisation of your body being pure light for a minute or two, then expand the light so it fills the entire room that you are sitting in. Visualize the room and your body of light becoming one, as if there is no longer a body or a room and all there is just light, a pure bright light. Hold this image in your imagination for about a minute or two.

Light_beingThen imagine that there is an infinite electric magnetic field of energy waves surrounding the pure light that you are imagining, this will look like waves of energy expanding into the abyss.

Once you have this image clear in your mind, expand your pure light until it fills the entirety of the infinite electric magnetic field, whereby you can no longer see the field for the light. All you see is light, pure light and know that you are that light and that light is you. Hold this image as long as you can until you feel it is time to open your eyes. When you open your eyes, you will be ready and energized to proceed with your day.

This visualisation is best performed first thing in the morning when you awake. You do not have to be sitting on a chair when you perform the process. I personally have found the best way to perform the process, is to perform the process as soon as I awake in the morning. As I come out of my sleep I do not move and lie still for a minute, then I perform the process as per the instructions while lying still.

By doing this process every morning for thirty days, you will experience a higher state of energy throughout the day and may even find that towards the last days of the thirty day period, your life will be more peaceful and flow freely in the direction that you want.

About the Author:  My name is Paul Birnie, and I am the creator of ‘The Secret of Manifestation”.  I appreciate that you have taken the time to read this article. Please feel free to share this article, as The Secret of Manifestation is dedicated to sharing information on spiritual awakening subjects. I am also the creator of the Oneness Pendant and writer of the book “The Secret of Manifestation’ that can be purchased at http://www.onenesspendants.com

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  1. This is amazing! I am trying it tonight and tomorrow morning!

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