How To Heal The Emotional Body

Emotional body

In my Post “Three Reasons Why People Are Not Successful in Transforming their State of Being Whilst Performing the Transform Feelings Process”.

I wrote about why people battle to transform their state of being whilst using the transform feeling process and describe the biggest obstacle to the transformation of a person’s state of being, is a person not truly being with their feelings as intense as they can, then letting them go without judgement.

I am sure that you already know that there are many different paths a person can take to awaken their soul, as there is many different processes a person can perform to transform their state of being, and the transform feeling process is just one of the processes one can use.

For me, the feeling frequencies in our soul that manifest our emotions in our body, is one of the most important parts of us that we need to transform if we wish to live a life of happiness and abundance. Feelings and emotions are the glue that holds all our thoughts and beliefs together in our physical minds.

For some people, the transform feeling process may not be the ideal process for them to perform to transform their feelings and emotions, and they may prefer another process that might suit their needs better. Therefore, I have posted a video below which is a Teal video called “How to Heal the Emotional Body” The process she uses is very similar to the transforming feeling process, except she does not mention letting the feeling go without judgement once you have felt it and been with it in your body.

There is no process better than any other process to awaken your soul. The one that you choose to perform to transform your feelings and emotions, will be the one that resonates with you more. And because it resonates with you more, it will have a greater effect on your transformation of your state of being, thus your life experiences.

There is a lot of great information in the video as well as the whole process. I hope you enjoy the video and the process that Teal teaches, and that it helps you in your life.

I must admit that “The transform Feeling Process” has helped me greatly in my life and I have witnessed many changes and benefits from it. I believe that if I did not use that process I would not be so successful in transforming my state of being, hence my life. Therefore, I would not have been able to tune into and experience the reality that contains this video or many other of the superb videos that Teal releases.

I will definitely be posting more of her videos through the year, as for me they contain very important information to understand manifestation and transformation of one’s state of being.

Hope you enjoy the video and it is helpful for you.

And do not forget to “Dream it, Love and it live it” as that is the secret of manifestation.

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