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Workshop Manual Module1: (The PDF book is password protected – password is – Oneness777)  Right click link – Save target as – to download and view your workshop manual.

Meditation Music: This is a 26MB file so it will take time to download. Right Click – save target as Track 1 Theta.wma Track 2 Delta.wma

Manifestation work book : Discover what you want to be completed and taken with on module 2 workshop. Right click link and save as target to download work book.

Video presentation: On the Star Gate Graph and how to fill in the manifestation work book discover what you want link

I know you are eager to start manifesting all your desires NOW, but Rome was not built in a day and the tortoise is the ONE that won the race.

Through my 15 years experience I have learned to take my time and master the basics before moving on to the next level. By doing it this way you will in fact move much faster in your awakening process.

Remember when you are creating from the Oneness Self you only need to use as much energy as needed and apply it when it is necessary. It is the ego self that is always in a rush to accomplish things and get them done.

Therefore I would suggest that you only practice the techniques mentioned below for the first month and see if you can manifest the 3 irrelevant manifestations as per your manual.  After the first month we can analyze how well you have done and move forward from there in the module 2 workshop.

To Be Practiced over the Next Month

1. Practise the higher quality and focus technique daily.

2. Use the HABS technique (not in reverse) in junction with the eyes up method every time you feel stress or emotional discomfort in your life.

3. Use the HABS technique daily to manifest your 3 irrelevant manifestations.

4. Make a manifestation list of what you would like to manifest in the big 5 areas of your life using the manifestation book discover what want you want. (Make a list that would at least cover  a 10 year period)  (Which you will take with you on the module 2 workshop)

Remember do not see this as a test or anything like that. Do not feel that you have to accomplish any of the manifestations, as if you do this you will fail, as you will be creating from the ego self and not the Oneness Self.

Do the visualization and manifestation technique in the morning without needing an outcome to make you happy or feel successful.

Know it is done and taken care of just let it be and get on with your life and if during the day something turns up in your life to push your buttons stop thinking and do the eyes up method and HABS process to transform the emotion.

This is very important if you wish the three manifestations to manifest.

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