Is it True that Knowledge is Power

Is it true that knowledge is power?

The answer is no; knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power.

Over the years I have met many people who have vast knowledge of the awakening process, spiritual concepts and ideas, but yet their life is always in turmoil in one way or another. There is always some kind of melodrama being played out as a life experience.

I am most certainly not saying that this is bad or good, because as we all know that there is no good or bad, there only is, and what you put out from the core of your being is what you get back to experience; that just the way it is.

This is where most people get lost, they miss the understanding that it is not your physical mind that creates your reality.  It is your state of being / your soul that creates your reality. Your physical mind is only there to observe, process, and relay the experience back to the soul.

Most ego self within this dimension uses the physical mind as a smoke screen to convince and control the state of being /soul that it has most, if not all the answers.  The ego self has the ability to camouflage the information within the soul and speak a different tune through the persona using the physical mind.  Thus resulting in the ego self creating the souls persona and its environment – the ego self has complete control of the soul and its creations.

It is a marvellous creation by your oneness self to allow itself to experience all that it is not through the ego self’s controlled soul.

If you observe some spiritually awakening people you will notice that what they are saying from their physical mind is not what they truly believe to be true at the core of their state of being.

When they meet another person or are in a group of like-minded people and an issue for another person arises, they will quickly give their point of view to help another person resolve their issue. In fact they will go into great detail such as, it is from a past life, you must forgive, you must learn a lesson, you must love unconditionally, I have a message from your guide and they will proceed to go into great detail to explain to the other person what their issue is and how it can be resolved.

After they have made their diagnosis and are quite proud of themselves that they are deeply connected to their spiritual self and they have given all the right knowledge and have shown that they have a deep understanding of the concepts of the awakening process.

Their problem starts, they have just declared from their intension of helping the other person that if they were in a similar situation they would have the knowledge and experience to handle it in the way they have just told the other person. Their words are not even cold and WAM!!! They have a very similar situation created in their life and their reaction from their state of being is quite different from what they have just announced from their ego controlled physical mind.

I am not saying that you must not give information to anyone to guide them; what I am saying is become aware of your state of being and see if it is a vibratory match with what your physical mind is saying.

In other words make sure you are applying the knowledge you have learned in your own life before you talk it – walk your talk.

I am sure you have noticed that whatever a spiritual teacher or healer has been teaching or saying over the last years it has been reflected back to them to see if they truly believe it at the core of their being.

This is why so many teachers and healers have gone through deep challenges themselves and their life experiences in the past year.  They are not being punished or anything like that; their state of being is being more intensely reflected back to them so they can realise and become fully aware of what they have been teaching and talking about is only imprinted within their ego controlled mind and not at the core of their being.

As SAI always says “the mirror never lies.”  Regardless how advance and aware you might think you are, what you see in your mirror of life – is your state of being. To believe any different is just another great trick of the ego self to keep your state of being bound under its control.

Your state of being frequency must be in alignment with all that you desire, if not you cannot and will not manifest your desires. To become a conscious creator you must become aware of your automatic reaction to your life experiences and scenarios.

If you are experiencing a negative emotion from the perception of a life experience, you will know that a frequency of information (feeling – informational belief pattern) within your state of being is not in alignment with your infinite abundant true self.

A lady who attended my workshop some months ago has applied the knowledge she was taught, and with doing that she has started to see a turnaround in her life.

Here is a letter she emailed me this week.

Hello Paul

I thought I would just write and tell you how my life is succeeding since doing your two courses:

Until I went on your courses I believed in the “old” ways of karma and lessons and debts to pay. I am living in an emotionally stressful marriage and have seen it as my “debt” to pay. Over the last 10 years we have had lots of financial troubles and this too, I saw as hard lessons to learn. Still, I was unhappy and depressed and questioned the reason to life!!

After the first course I felt extremely empowered within myself and even managed to get my three small manifestations to manifest. I was still struggling with emotional unbalance and not much more manifested once I got back into the day-to-day living. I kept asking questions as to why and what I had done and how I could correct my mistakes. I remember phoning you and you told me to not be so hard on myself and just be happy. This I tried and things did seem better!

Then after the second course I decided that the best thing for me to do was to get my mental and emotional state right before I did anything else. I have been consciously reminding myself with little notes in my diary, in my handbag, my car, my kitchen about being mentally and emotionally calm and happy and about my state of mind creating my world. I have woken each day and been happy to be alive. I have truly had an “attitude of gratitude.”  As time has gone by I am finding that outside influences are not touching me half as much as they used to. I know this, as there have been challenges sent to me and I have handled them far differently to how I would have in the past.

My life seems to be “coming together” in so many ways:

I have been wanting to walk in the evenings for exercise for years and not found anyone in the neighbourhood to do so with. A few weekends ago a lady, whom I see at the a garden club told me how much she wanted to walk and had no one. I now have a walking partner!!

 I badly need more money on the salary that I earn and last month my boss announced that I would get an increase.

Our home was struck by lightning during a storm. My son and husband lost their computers. Many other fixtures and appliances were struck. My computer was not!

My working conditions have improved greatly and I am happy to go to work each day.

I wanted to celebrate an achievement my son attained but was short of extra money. A work colleague gave me TWO bottles of wine as she was on a diet and did not want them. I had not mentioned anything to her about my wishes.

I have been feeling so “wow” about the above things and the word “synchronicity” comes to mind. Then you sent the videos by Bashar and I was again SO impressed at how the Universe is reminding me of all that you taught and reinforcing so many truths. I think I understand what it means to be in harmony with the world and believe that the Universe does love me and wants me to be happy. (These things I have not been able to see or understand in the past). I now understand that I have invited my husband and his problems into my life; that the “hard lessons” were my poor mental state and I no longer want to be there. I refuse to go back to that state of mind!

Many thanks for your part in assisting me along my path!

As Bashar always says; “Circumstance does not matter – State of Being matters”

The Secret of Manifestation is not difficult to understand once you see the bigger picture and realise that all this time your focus has been on the wrong thing. It has been on the mirror (Your persona, environment, life situations, ego mind, beliefs and thoughts) instead of the creator of the mirror your state of being, your soul.

And who is this “you” I am talking about – it is the divine spark and its soul the real you.

Watch movie to view the real you.

Click here to read more about our Secret of Manifestation Workshop . We would love to see you there and take the first step to truly transform your life and not the pretend change your ego self has tricked you into.

About the Author:  My name is Paul Birnie, and I am the creator of ‘The Secret of Manifestation”.  I appreciate that you have taken the time to read this article. Please feel free to share this article, as The Secret of Manifestation is dedicated to sharing information on spiritual awakening subjects. I am also the creator of the Oneness Pendant and writer of the book “The Secret of Manifestation’ that can be purchased at

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  1. Paul,

    This is excellent material. I just wish your workshops were more convenient to attend. I’m sure there are many worldwide that would want to attend, but can’t because of the transportation costs. Have you thought of shooting the workshops on video and releasing them on DvDs? Or put the most essential elements of your talks on mp3s for download at a nominal cost?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work

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