“The Secret of Manifestation is Not to Manifest”


It is to align the state of being with the true self, appreciation, joy, happiness and self-worth etc; and let it flow through the 5 main themes – WORK & MONEY, RELATIONSHIPS, MATERIAL OBJECTS, HEALTH & WELL-BEING AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT we play out in this illusionary game we call life. Thus our state of being will be manifested as reflected outcomes of the 5 themes on the 3 dimensional screen of life as it pass through time.

Did you have to sit and meditate and visualise the divorce, the stressful job, the broken down car, the angry people in your environment, the people who never listen to you, your children misbehaviour and failure, the lack of money, the lack of loving relationships, the people that makes you feel small, your over-size weight, your unhealthy body, you’re feeling of being stuck, lack of material objects, your disappointment of general life, your frustration or your tiredness.


I told you “ The Secret of Manifestation” is not trying to manifest – it is your state of being projected through your 5 themes and witnessed and experienced as a 4 dimensional reality we call life.

And the state of being is determined by your FEELINGS and IBP – INFORMATIONAL BELIEF PATTERNS within your soul.

They are not words or beliefs; they are just vibratory information; waves of energy that we give names to. The word’s anger frustration and irritation has slightly different frequencies but they all fit nicely into the frequency of disharmony.

Your state of being is your soul’s vibration and it is the soul’s vibration projected through the 5 themes of your life that creates your outcomes.

So stop focusing on the outcomes as they are only a residual projection of your state of being; focus on how you feel about your outcomes.

The answer to your entire questions does not lie on the outside illusionary world they lay within your soul – the state of being.

It is pointless to try to change the world you see or find a solution to the world’s problems, as this cannot be done. What can be done is to change your state of being thus synchronise your vibration of your soul so it will move into the version of the world you desire to be in.

Of course this will seem like you changed the outer world, but you did not – you just change your state of being that is now being projected and reflected as a new world?

To focus on the world’s problem and your own problems only keeps your state of being within that vibration of that world; focus on the opposite world to what you see.

You can change nothing except yourself and when I say yourself I do not mean Paul, John or Sue – I mean your state of being, your soul, your consciousness.

The Secret of Manifestation is easy to understand – it is how you are responding and acting to your outer reality that creates your state of being which in turns manifests as outcomes within your 4 dimensional reality.

Change your response and feelings about what you see – have a different perception and your world will follow suit. “That is how easy manifestation is, it is not difficult, no great science or mathematical equation needed.

Manifestation is all about the feelings you have of yourself and your world.

If you feel it – you believe it – if you believe it you manifest it

About the Author:  My name is Paul Birnie, and I am the creator of ‘The Secret of Manifestation”.  I appreciate that you have taken the time to read this article. Please feel free to share this article, as The Secret of Manifestation is dedicated to sharing information on spiritual awakening subjects. I am also the creator of the Oneness Pendant and writer of the book “The Secret of Manifestation’ that can be purchased at http://www.onenesspendants.com

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  1. Kat Cartlidge says:

    Really enjoyed your blog Pauli – thank you for that and I agree with what you’ve written completely. For me personally I started to manifest very quickly and perfectly once I came to terms with the fact that I am that which I was seeking and I already have what I am yearning for – its just not always so easy to see it straight away. The penny dropped for me the day you told me to really look, properly, and with appreciation, at what I do have and to find happiness in that. Once I got that it was so easy. And that fits in exactly with what you’ve written. Its our state of being. And when we know that we already have that which we’re looking for we can suddenly see it and there it is and then it truly starts to show up for us. I’m loving your manifestation work Pauli and always enjoy your blogs. With much love – Kat

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