A Message from Oneness That Was Difficult to Accept as Being the Truth.


I was wondering the other day. How would you know when you as a soul has completed the human experience game and it is time to move on to other Oneness experiences?

As I awoke around 4am one morning I received my answer. However, the answer I received was just as unbelievable and difficult to accept as a statement that I received from my higher mind in 2003. In 2003 my higher mind told me one morning as I awoke that I was not real and the world that I was in was, in fact, a holographic illusionary game, which I must say at the time was very hard to believe and accept. However, over the years I have had many life experiences that have confirmed to me that the statement I received in 2003, was in fact, the truth.

The answer given to me by Oneness via my higher mind was.

“When a person can feel the same about winning the lotto as losing a child through death, their soul will have completed the human experience game…”

When I heard this statement, great emotion stirred up inside me and I thought to myself that this is completely ridiculous, how can any human being feel the same about these two life experiences? You would have to be a complete psychopath and have no feelings to see and feel these two life experiences as the same.

FeelingsFeelings are what gives us experiences, it is what defines us, and it is what enables us as souls to evolve. Without feelings, we would be nothing more than a programmed computer making decisions without consciousness. Feelings is what drives us, it is what we live for. Every choice gives us the ability to feel and it is the feeling that gives our soul the ability to experience life; without feelings, there would be no experience.

All negative feelings give us an opportunity to experience everything we are not, and gives us the opportunity to become aware that we are out of alignment with our true self, whereby we have the choice to transform that feeling to a feeling that is more in alignment with our true self. This is what the human experience game is all about, to experience all that we are not, then return back to who we really are, and after experiencing all that we are not, we have a better understanding of what and who we really are.

We cannot truly know what white is until we experience black and we cannot truly know what light is until we experience the dark. That’s why we find ourselves as souls in such a diverse polarity universe, a universe where we can get a better understanding and knowing of who we really are.

As I laid in my bed feeling anxious… see there is that feeling again, all these thoughts where whirling through my head. I thought to myself, I love the feeling when I am with my family and friends, I love the feeling when a business deal comes together, I love the feeling when I am on holiday and visiting a place where I have never been before. I love the feeling when I eat my favourite food or watch my favourite team play football. I love the feeling when I do gardening and walk around my garden and watch it grow. I love the feeling when I meditate and speak to my higher mind. I love the feeling of being alive and experiencing the human experience game.

I love and appreciate all the negative feelings I have had in my life, as they have given me the ability to experience all that I am not and have given me the opportunity to evolve has a human being and make better choices in my life.

In other words, feelings have given me life and without feelings I might as well be dead, as what is the point of living life without feelings.

As these thoughts poured into my head, I thought.

feelings1Feelings are what this world is all about and it is through becoming aware of our feelings and choosing what emotional responses we have to our life experiences that we can transform our life experiences into life experiences that are more in alignment with our true self, Oneness.

It is through feelings that we as souls learn more about ourselves and evolve back into who we really are.

It is not that we must ignore our feelings, we must own them, feel them at their deepest core and when we feel them in all their glory, we can choose to let them go without judgement from our soul or accept them without judgement within our soul.

That’s when I realised the meaning of the statement.

It is not to stop feeling, in fact, it is the opposite, it is to move into the feeling and feel the feeling as intense as you can, and without judgement you can choose to hold on to the feeling or let it go. By doing this you raise your vibration to a level, whereby you can view all life circumstances from a state of being of non-judgement and will see life circumstances for what they really are, a souls life experience which is neither good nor bad, but just an experience.

When you reach this state of being of non-judgment, you will feel and appreciate all life experiences as the same.

I don’t know how long it would take to reach this state of being, but that does not matter, as now I know I will always be able to feel and have the choice to hold on to that feeling or let it go after I have experienced it at the core of its being. I also realised that from the feeling experiences I will gain more understanding of what I really am at the core of my being, thus I will automatically move towards the state of being of non-judgement.

Once I have reached that state of being, may it be in this life time or after the next hundred life times, I will no longer participate in the human experience game and move on to another experience of Oneness. As Oneness said, this will only occur when I love all human experiences from the same state of being, whatever that state of being may FEEL like I don’t exactly know, but like you I will have to wait and see.

About the Author:  My name is Paul Birnie, and I am the creator of ‘The Secret of Manifestation”.  I appreciate that you have taken the time to read this article. Please feel free to share this article, as The Secret of Manifestation is dedicated to sharing information on spiritual awakening subjects. I am also the creator of the Oneness Pendant and writer of the book “The Secret of Manifestation’ that can be purchased at http://www.onenesspendants.com

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