Does Manifestation Really Work

Does Manifesting Your Desired Manifestations in a Conscious & Aware  Manner  Really Work?

Yes, Manifestation works very well, as long as you know and understand the fundamental workings of our world, and the mechanisms and systems of how creation works on all levels.

As I have been teaching over the years “If you wish to truly manifest all that you desire”, you have to manifest from your true self and not the illusionary persona that you identify as – you.

There is a saying ‘If you read a book with a golf ball size consciousness, you will have a golf ball size understanding of the book you are reading. When you expanded you consciousness you will have an expanded understanding of the book’.

This also apply to manifestation; If you have a golf ball size consciousness when you manifest your dreams and goals, you will have golf ball size results, and when you expand your consciousness on manifesting, you will have expanded results and succeed in a more profound way in what you desire to manifest.

In our workshops ” The Secret of Manifestation” we focus on all aspects of our real-self and the systems and mechanisms of creation and manifestation. I believe that when people have a deeper understanding of their world and themselves they can create magic in their life.

I would like to share an email with you from a lady who attended our last “The Secret of Manifestation” workshop.  I hope that when you read her story you will find the belief and faith inside yourself that you are a magnificent Oneness Being playing within an illusionary game and when you reconnect to your power you too can be come a conscious creator of you life.

“Thank you so, so much for hosting the manifestation workshop on Saturday the  10th of September. I found the workshop to be truly profound and life  changing.  Your insights and beliefs about life as we know it touch me on a very deep level as truth and feel like an awakening for me.

You challenged us to write down three manifestations that we wanted to manifest within a month.  Simple ones. Using your processes I manifested two of them almost instantly. Your workshop was on the Saturday  –  by Sunday evening the next day I had manifested the first one and by  Monday evening the second. The third one is about to manifest tomorrow.

The three things that I wrote down were as follows:

1. Additional income/money over and above my usual income
2. A new 12 around 1 pendant
3. A great date with an exceptional man

I did the processes around these three things and then actually forgot  about them. Late the following day on the Sunday evening I got a message  from someone I had done some work for who told me they were paying  money into my account that night. I wasn’t expecting this payment and it  came as a pleasant surprise. The sum of money that he paid me almost
exactly corresponded with the amount that a new pendant would cost me –  which I had thought I would have to wait for to buy as I hadn’t budgeted  on it. The next day I got the pendant from you – and luckily and  happily it was the last one you had in stock.

My third manifestation has developed recently (also completely  unexpectedly) and tomorrow I have that date set with what I believe to  be an exceptional man.  

All I can say is unbelievable but really cool.

Then I do have to tell you about another great development in my life that I  also attribute to and relate back to what you taught us.

You taught us that if we want to change our reality, if we truly want to  manifest then we must do it from the place of our higher mind, the place  of oneness.  You taught us that parallel universes exist and that there are various realities at play – an infinite amount actually. With this thought and knowing in mind I  made a profound change in my world just recently.

I have been trying to join Virgin Active gym for quite a while now but  have been turned away a few times as I was blacklisted with them. This  goes back quite a few years from a dispute that I had with them. Last  week I decided that if your theory is correct (and I believe it to be),  then I would be able to change this reality. So I used your processes  once again and created a place and space, a new one, a world in which I  was not blacklisted with Virgin. One in which that dispute never took  place and one in which Virgin Active had no issues with me. I worked on
it for one week. Then on Thursday I once again walked into Virgin Active  health club and asked them to sign me up. They took me into the office  and went through the procedure as they had so many times before. This  time though, when they called my records up – there was no blacklisting!   They had all my details as before, however this time they simply signed  me up, with no problems at all. I was completely elated and a little bemused by this occurrence and yet – a part of me had completely known that this would be the outcome.

So I’m now tackling the bigger manifestations with new vigour.

Once again Paul – thank you. Your work is truly important makes a real difference to anyone that cares to listen and apply that which you are teaching and saying.

I will certainly recommend your workshops always and wherever I can.

Much love and gratitude


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  1. jeanette lotter says:

    Please let me know how much the pendants cost in South African Rands. ThankYou. J.Lotter.

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