What Would Someone Who Loved Themselves Do?

Here is another great YouTube video by Teal containing a very simple process that will take you on a shortcut to enlightenment. The process takes a year to complete and is very simple to do. However, like all transformation of one’s self towards enlightenment, the process itself may be easy, but the application and follow through of the process might be a huge challenge to the person applying it. As like all spiritual processes when applied, this process can bring some difficult challenges to a person, whereby a person will have to face each and every challenge and transform it if one wish to move towards enlightenment quickly.

The simple process is asking a question, (What Would Someone Who Loved Themselves Do?) every time there is a choice to be made in their life, may that be simple or difficult choices. The simple choice might be. What should I have for launch today? And the difficult choice might be, should I change my career?

Teal says, if someone can do this process for 365 days without missing a day they will create a shortcut to enlightenment.

The process has one goal and that goal is to give a person the ability to love themselves. Therefore, aligning them self with their higher vibratory aspects of themselves, thus they will live a more healthy, wealthy and abundant life.

The video has some background noise and during the video there are sounds like a cat or something groaning in the background. Some people might find this annoying and switch off the video before the end of the video or focus more on the noise and groaning than the information that Teal is giving.

If you are one of these people, then you have the chance to ask the question, What Would Someone Who Loved Themselves Do?

  1. Switch off the video before the end.
  2. Focus and complain about the background noise and groaning instead of focusing and listening carefully to the information.
  3. Focus and listen to the information that Teal is giving and apply the process to their lives.

The choice is always yours.

Enjoy the video!!!


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  1. Ty and you are right. We all have to Face all inside or outside.

  2. Denise Carey says:

    Sounds great to me…OK…I am going to try it…Thanks so much for sharing Teal!!

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